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Pontiac Turbo Trans Am


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408 Turbo Trans Am vs ZX10R on nitrous

turbo lsx 16lbs vs zx10r on 50 shot both will be at tx2k13

14 seconds
1998 Firebird TransAM STS turbo kit 500whp

1998 Firebird T/A on the Mustang Dyno. Credit to dredoggy for the video. 500whp!...

3 minutes : 37 seconds
Tuning Turbo Trans Am on Dyno

Tuning on dyno, blowing through the converter. Tightened since Thanks to Pool Bo...

20 seconds
My 1981 Trans Am... Aka Roxanne

This Is my first car / first project car. Its a 1981 turbo trans am witch now ha...

5 minutes : 9 seconds
Camaro's, Trans Am & Chevy Nova Having Fun

ICELANDIC MANIAC CREW Cruising downtown Reykjavik ICELAND, Massive burnouts Pask...

6 minutes : 45 seconds
Third gen 1986 Trans Am frame up restoration Vid 7

Vid 7 of a frame up restoration on my 1986 trans am. In this vid I go over the c...

8 minutes : 54 seconds
1981 Pontiac Firebird Transam Turbo 4.9V8

Short Video of my 1981 Pontiac Firebird Transam. Soon to be back On the roads of...

6 minutes : 3 seconds
Camaro SS 6.0LH/C vs. G35 TT vs. Trans AM WS6 393ci

Camaro SS 6.0L, Head/Cam, 4.11 gear, 460 rwhp vs. - G35 Twin Turbo 12 psi, ~450r...

2 minutes : 6 seconds
Trans AM WS6 vs. 11 Second Scooter.

Trans Am WS6 Heads/Cam Nitrous vs. Stroker Scooter on Nitrous!!! WFO RACING ;) S...

56 seconds
Third gen 1986 Trans Am frame up restoration Vid 6

Vid 6 of my frame up resto on my 86 trans am. Just a quick vid showing the newly...

2 minutes : 43 seconds

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