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Pontiac Astre


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Facts and features of the innovative Pontiac Astre models.

5 minutes : 34 seconds
1976 Pontiac Astre Two Door Coupe Yel Eust092912

Pontiac Astre was the sister car to the Chevy Vega. As such, it was saddled with...

3 minutes : 20 seconds
1980 Monza Spyder resto! The Rise and Demise! What will the future behold?

...thanks for coming out! The Rise and Demise of a 1980 Monza Spyder! Found dead...

8 minutes : 41 seconds
Rid'in with Ray

Episode 2: Take a ride with me to an auto salvage yard in Tucson Arizona to find...

10 minutes : 1 seconds
1976 Chevy Vega Wagon 3.1L V6

2 minutes : 34 seconds
My 1975 ProStreet Vega GT

Pro Street Vega GT from Transfer, PA....has full 2x3 box tube frame, full 3" alu...

2 minutes : 52 seconds
How To Change A Tie Rod On Your Vehicle

Scotty Kilmer, a mechanic for the last 42 years and counting, shows how to chang...

2 minutes : 8 seconds
Chevrolet Vega vs Pontiac Sunbird

1 minutes : 27 seconds
Last Hope (Precision) by J Gip

Another hit by J Gip... Vokab on the 1st verse and J Gip on the 2nd verse

3 minutes : 22 seconds

Facts and features of the Pontiac Astre, Lemans, Grand Lemans, Catalina Safari m...

5 minutes : 32 seconds

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