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GTO IV Clutch fluid flush replacement

Forum GTO GTO IV Clutch fluid flush replacement

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2017-03-29 12:33:42

How To: Clutch Fluid Flush on a Pontiac GTO  |  More info

Changing out the clutch fluid on the GTO.

Some of the titles went by kinda fast, so here is a step by step guide. It should be similar for most cars.

1. Empty the reservoir and fill it with new fluid.

2. Push clutch pedal to the ground and open the bleeder valve. Fluid will start coming out, so be sure to not let the reservoir empty, thus introducing air to the system.

3. Pump clutch to get more fluid in the system. Note: You may be able to do this twice before step 3, but just keep an eye on that reservoir, as to not drain it completely ;)

4. Top of your reservoir and start again from step 2! Keep repeating until clear fluid is coming out from under the car.