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2017-02-16 (158 days)

Pontiac Sunbird

The vehicle registration documents got l..

The vehicle registration documents got lost but the vehicle can be re-registered I already phoned the traffic department . ( The vehicle was de-registerd )

The vehicle is stripped at this stage due to the fact that we started spray painting it all parts is there it just needs a coat of paint to the right side driver door and the boot lid . ( Vehicle will needed to be assembled )

The photos that I am sending you was before we started with it ( NOT RECENTLY TAKEN ).

The engine is the original 2.5 Liter 4 cylinder that might need a good service and a few valve stem seals due to the fact that it was not serviced recently .

The vehicle has a 3speed automatic gearbox that might also need a service .

The vehicle was owned by a very old man that passed away about 9 years back so the vehicle was standing from then until about 2 years back when I bought it .

The new paint color is metallic Red . ( Mica Red )

The interior of the vehicle is in a very good condition if you take in to consideration the age of the vehicle .

The exact date of manufacture was detriment as 1976 by a company in the USA.

The exact name and model is ( Pontiac Sunbird Formula Sports Coupe ).

The one photo that is attached to this mail is only for illustration purposes .

Go to and search pontiac sunbird formula 1976 sports coupe so that you can more details of how they use to look and more specs

VIN: 2E07VA7672283

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Email:    Phone 0725041978
Country   South Africa    City BronkhorstspruitUser: Sunbird (1)
Information about the model: Pontiac Sunbird

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