16:59:24 John Hey i got a 1983 pontiac 6000le having problems finding parts
17:50:19 rodmanprc I've got a 2005 montana with vacuum hose hanging from drivers rear corner what is it?
22:27:41 Bozidar Hi! I am looking for service manual 1995 trans sport 2.3 quad
21:03:52 nisemoe07 i was unseccessfull downloading it last night that i get a message saying ive went over my limit. grrrr
21:02:59 nisemoe07 anyone have the manual pdf for a pontiac montana?
17:14:33 ovarela Selling 1990 Grand Prix LE sedan. 59K miles, new A/C, clean. $3500 obo. Anyone?
19:35:40 Chewie46 anyone had problems with rocker arm nuts for 5/16 studs on 59 389?
20:26:07 bjlarue I need help with my 2004 Pontiac Aztek - can't get the tail gate down
19:15:52 WL209 I have a fog lamp question, anyone here?
19:11:53 WL209 Hello. anyone here?
21:54:50 L.Grace I am looking for a contact for Troy Tribby. He owns the 1960 Pontiac ventura that he races.
02:25:46 WL209 anyone near central cali?
03:44:40 udm Hi, for example into Classifieds http://en.pontiac-club.com/classifieds or into the Forum http://en.pontiac-club.com/forum
04:16:58 jesse94 can someone help me figure out what kind of 96 firbird i have it just looks diff from other models
22:13:23 gearjammer79 03 montana belt squeal after repalcing belt, tensior ,, and both idlerr pullies anyone else had this problem
14:38:43 badgersbooty need clean title and vin plates for 69 firebird convertible
08:55:31 djpepo diagnostic program for trans sport 1997???
06:07:46 evondahl1234 hey
21:30:50 martin12321 hello, look at my new scanner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWlBYZrC0_4
16:02:44 martin12321 http://pontiac.cz/article_detail.php?id=6
01:40:56 jredmond Does anyone know where I can find the procedure to replace a power steering unit on a 93 TA?
07:21:16 ALPINESTARS22 i wish to built it in to an amazing street/strip/show car any ideas anyone??????
07:17:15 ALPINESTARS22 I have a 98 Trans Am with the LS1 which i am planning on customizing when i return to the states after this trip to Iraq anyone know of a good aftermarket store besides SLP
20:05:48 all_zer can someone tell me, is it dificult to register a car from 1967 year in Czech Republic (or any other EU country)?????
20:04:10 all_zer Hello you lot
04:08:19 helo1 hello everyone new in club
14:12:01 troth just bough a 1995 firebird firehawk what are the best tires to get for it
17:28:14 MaddHatta i have to pump the gas to keep it running any help
17:27:50 MaddHatta Hi ive got a 91 firebird. I have done the tuneup, oil change, emptyed the tank checked pressure in the fuel pump an now shell crank over and runn grate off of starting fluid but once i stop an let the gas in it take over