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1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am IV  |  carbiids 170 000 km 4 000.00 EUR Accident / Crash / Damage

Totaled the car

Totaled the car.. lady with no lights on, speeding and possibly talking on phone.. my fault that didn't see her.. stupid things happen. As these cars have no real frame most side damages are critical and like in my case the geometry is out.. time for a new body.

1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am IV  |  carbiids 180 000 km 4 000.00 EUR Repair


I plan to restore/repair my 4th gen Firebird, because previous owner did not pay enough attention for undecarriage and there are many rust holes, that need to be repaired, but as I have another rolling body with no engine and transmission I will swap everything from one body to another, because that one is with little rust if any.

Planned works:

Repair engine - complete rebuild if necessary;

Repair transmission - complete rebuild if necessary;

Drivetrain repair - bushings and other things that needs to be replaced;

Interior - some small changes;

Audio - new wiring, some additional speakers and sub;

New exhaust - full lenght, with cut-outs, original cats, maybe SLP Loudmouth or Mufflex mufflers with 3" double tips.

.. anything else, that needs repairing.

1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am IV  |  carbiids 180 000 km 120.00 EUR Tuning - engine performance

Electric cut-outs

For racing events and car shows I plan to install electric cut-outs after rear axle for sound and less exhaust resistance. Need to add, that I plan to leave stock catalytic converters or buy some high flow cats.

1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am IV  |  carbiids 180 000 km 350.00 EUR Tuning - engine performance

Pacesetters longtube headers

Along with the planned engine and transmission rebuild, I plan to custom make true dual exhaust.

Already bought Pacesetters longtube headers.