Kai Zweipfennig + Barbara Pohl = Nitro-Engine .. WARNING!!!

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This is the story about two very bad people: Kai Zweipfennig and Barbara Pohl. !!! ATTENTION !!! They are the most bad people which I met in last several years. They are both professional liars, nothing more. Both of them live in Germany - Kai in Padernborn, Barbara in Augustdorf. Both of them speaks english well, both of them are saying, that they are representatives of (!!! non-existing !!!) company NITRO-ENGINE ( They speaks about 30 staffs working in their "company", they speaks about their company is doing only performance engine and Pontiac car body improvements, they are speaking about themselves like about the most best professionals in Pontiac repairing and tuning in the whole world. Her email address is and his is Her exact address is Triftenstrasse 10, 32832 Augustdorf, GERMANY. Their phone no. are: +491739766844 (Kai), +495237898396 (Barbara home).



The Story - the begining

I heard about Kai from my friend, Jan Holub. He was in contact with him from the December 2003, so quite a long time. He was searching to buy a new or good used carburettor for his Pontiac Firebird. Kai offered him for a good price some Holley carburettor. Jan gave me contact to Kai, so I changed with him about 30 or more emails - I was searching to buy a 6-speed transmission for my Pontiac Trans Am. Kai offered me a "Yenko Borg Warner" 6-speed transmission for a price 600 EUR. He spoke about it is the best race transmission etc. and he will give me 2 years of warranty for it. He wrote me, that this transmission is from his Pontiac Trans Am Recaro Edition from the year 1982.

The Story - our first trip to Germany

So before 4 weeks we made a trip with Jan with my old Renault car to Germany - Augustdorf. We meet with Kai and Barbara. He sold to Jan the Holley carburettor and Edelbrock Scorpion 1 intake manifold. The price was quite OK, about 260 EUR for both. We spoke whole the day about Pontiacs and engine performance improvements etc. Kai offered to both of us a complete solution - he we made a list of changes, price list and time schedule, what will be done on my car and on Jan's car. Kai promised me the 6-speed manual transmission he will replace with my current 4-speed automatic, he will change my TPI 5.0 V8 engine to carburettor, he will over-bore my 5.0 to 6.4 litre engine, he promised me the car will have 350 Horse Powers. He also promised me instalation of NOS system and new front spoiler. The total price which we agreed was 1650 EUR for parts and work, everything. It was looking like too cheap, but he said he want to I will make him on Pontiac CLUB pages big advertisement, so these changes on my Pontiac he will make for me like a some kind of sponsorship. His idea was that he will improve my car as much as he is able and my car will be a show car of his Nitro-Engine company - it will be an ideal car for his promotion.

The Story - my second trip to Germany with my Pontiac car

I started my second trip to Germany on Friday 2004-06-18 evening after work. I spoke with Kai, he said I have to go to Braunschweig to the discotheque Joly Joker, they will be there with Barabara there and there will be a special program with Pontiac KITT, Knight Rider car replica. So on 11pm we met there.
Through the weekend we did not make anythink on my car, except he offered me the nice chrome wheels to my car. So we installed them on my car, it looks nice with them, better than with my original AL rims. The rims are little bit rust. So he promised me that on Wednesday he will take them to make new chrome on them - for a price 15 EUR / 1 rim. We drove my car through the city from one his friend to another ... When I asked when we will start to work on engine he replied me that on weekend in Germany nobody works, we will start on Monday with engine. I trusted him.

Everything he promised was untruth, fake of reality, delusion

On Monday we did not make anythink on the car as on Saturday and Sunday. I was going to be very unhappy, but he came with new falsity, he said no problem on any my question. I was thinking that he is a big shit and big liar, but still I was not exactly sure. In the evening I was pretty sure I am right. So on Tuesday afternoon I left from Germany, disappointed and stolen by one very stupid people named Kai.

The reality about the wanker Kai Zweipfennig

So the reality is that he knows quite a lot of about Pontiacs and engines, but only theoretically. In practice he is absolutely a lubber. He is not able to do anything on the Pontiac car. He is able only promissing, promissing and lying. As I heard directly from him, he did not finish the base school, so you can imagine by yourselves how stupid guy it is.

His black Pontiac Firebird in garage (he called him Recaro with only 5000 km) - it is an old rusty shit with over than 200.000 km - I carefully inspected the car. It is car without engine and transmission, without the front axle (completely), with standard interior, with black damaged lack, the car was crashed to the front left wheel - it is amateurishly repaired and anybody can see it. The car is without rear doors and glas. The car looks like a very cheap car body which he bought probably in price not higher than 300 EUR.

Barbara's car (he said it has 730 HP engine) - it is only standard TPI engine, the car is overall in not good condition. It is absolutely not interesting car.

His company (he spoke about 30 employees, about hundreds of engines and transmissions on the stock etc.) ... so the "company" NITRO-ENGINE does not exists. It is only next falsehood from him.
He said he bought and sold about 1000 cars in his life ... No. He is only a stupid and poor guy and everybody who know him know that .. and unfortunately he stolen my time and money.

He spoke about he has got Ferarri from 1971. No. Again it is only falsehood. As same as he said he has got a Chevy Camaro with 900 HP. The reality is that he has only one clothing (I did not see him in other than that one for 4 days), and he has where to sleep. Otherwise he is like a homeless.

What he / her wrote me in emails

About the parts, we have EVERYTHING you can imagine, high performance parts, anything! Please give us a call, and we can discuss the price for that 6-speed manual transmission you asked for. My associate's name is Kai, please call him about the price. His number is 0173-9766844. Or call us at home at this number: 05237-898396.

About your offer to advertise on your site, it's very welcome, we'll think about it. We are building a website ourselves at the moment, we could link them when we're finished.
I asked Kai about the price for the transmission, he said it would be about 600€, I think that's fair. It has a hydraulic clutch, so it's easier to integrate into your system.

We have 13 6-speed transmission in stock. We got about 30 engines in stock from 300-710hp with 5.7 and 6,4L and from 650-2600hp with 7,2-8,6L. We can make any engine which you want in 5 days accept titan stroker. The titan kits we can build in 4 weeks. And: Axles for race build up on Ford 9", front axles and all other parts you need. I can make no fix prices for the engines please call us. And you can come on the next saturday.
The transmission you will get is out of my car. It has only 7.500Km on the track. The price is all inclusive. All engines we have are not mounted, when a customer call or come he can chose the parts and we build the engine in 5 hours.

I still have the car and it´s an 82´Recaro 427 Trans Am (there are only 15 in the whole world). Now it has got an Yenko 350 race transmission and the car was new with only 270Km on it as i bougt it from a museum in california. So you have a very good transmission and i´ll give give a warranty for 12 month.

Ok, the transmissions are all made in the 80´ and they fit to all V8 engines from general motors. You will have no problem with these transmission we do the job about 12 years and i know what fit in and not.
The transmissions where made for following cars: Recaro Trans Am 427, Trans Am Firehawk, Camaro Z28 407, and all other high performance cars from GM. The Manufacturer is YENKO / Borg Warner i think you know the company. The name of the transmission is 68-FM.

No, the original series transmission is big shit and the 4th gen. is the biggest shit in technologie so we only got the original 82-87 race gearboxes.

Ok the 6 speed transmission from yenko is better because it contains parts from Heggemann Automotive and the little difference between your firebird and the yenko is this: your car cost about 35.000$ when it was new. The Yenko car was about 170.000$ because Yenko makes the strongest cars with the best parts you can get, and I only drive Yenko Cars. For me the original transmissins are big shit because we make high performance.

Who the fuck cares you want to buy a 6speed transmission and i will give you an 6speed yenko (the best you can get). But you want the transmission out of a 4Th generation firebird i don´t have that!!! as i sad we make high performance. If you don´t trust me, please don´t waste my time.

Barbara Pohl

What everything he promised me when I was there and in the time before ... but nothing happen

  • remove my engine from the car
  • completely disassemble it, install all new sealings and gaskets
  • over-bore it from 5.0 to 6.4 litre to increase torque and HP
  • increase compression up to the 13.0 : 1 to increase torque and HP
  • fix the problem with the engine starting
  • install NOS system
  • change from the TPI to carburettor, performance Holley carb + Edelbrock intake manifold
  • 4-speed automatic transmission change to a 6-speed special race manual one
  • 4 chrome rims with quite new tires
  • new lack for whole the car
  • install special alarm with high-voltage on the car body when alarm is activated
  • headers + rebuild of my current exhaust system to improve HP and sound
  • 4-point seatbelts
  • measure HP and torque after all changes on engine break
  • new cover with T/A logo between rear lights
  • new front spoiler (bumper)
  • check brakes and improve them for higher performance
  • special Hayness manual - big book about Pontiac engines
  • meeting with other 20 Pontiac car owners in Augustdorf
  • show me his Ferarri from 1971 year
  • show me Barbara's "710 HP" Pontiac GTA - how it goes

and more and more ...........

... hour by hour he changed what he promised, hour by hour I was be more and more sure he is a faker and I lost so much money in gasoline.

Few words to these crooks from my side:

I lost more than 400 EUR in gasoline when going from Czech Republic, Prague to Germany, Augustdorf and also we drove a hundreds kilimetres in Germany. I think I left at a time, otherwise they probably stolen my car or some parts from it, or my digital video-camera or anythink other. Kai & Barbara: You owe me 300 EUR. I know you are so poor you will never pay me that, but keep in your mind - you owe me these money.
I hope no more people you will dupe and I hope all people will know how poor you are.

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710 HP @ 6500 RPM ??? I don't think so :-))) he he ... Barbara's car is a big shit.

Absolutely standard stock Pontiac Trans Am car in not very good condition ... Barbara's car is a big shit.

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